Interview: The Falcon Garments Team

We recently spoke with Charly and Daniel, the founders of Falcon Garments, a company that offers handmade, made-to-measure outerwear. Falcon Garments is known for their great attention to detail, impeccable quality control, and timeless outerwear selection. 

What inspired the team to create Falcon Garments?

Our inspiration came from a combination of timing, accessibility, and our respective obsession with clothes and refined streetwear. We re-launched from another brand and thus the inspiration was always there and we felt it was necessary to continue with offerings of tailored outerwear at prices that were comparable and more personalized to the end user. The process from start to finish is very hands-on and personalized, and so every piece we make is unique, individual, and, best of all, handcrafted. 

How long did it take to develop the brand itself and your jacket offerings? What was this process like?

The brand developed without any hitches and quite immediately given our previous backgrounds. The offerings, on the other hand, needed to be slightly re-designed with an emphasis on classically inspired leather jackets ranging from military to motorcycle and everything in between. We had a general idea on the offerings but it's also a work in progress given people's personal taste, so we refresh every season to encompass a wide range of styles and price points. It's constantly on-going in terms of designs and offerings and we focus every season to offer our customers what's relevant and most importantly, what would make them look good! 

Were there any specific reference points that inspired your designs?

Timing was critical when we initially launched and the reference points from my perspective was when streetwear started to get refined in the early 2000s. Higher end designers brought us inspiration and aesthetic cues from the likes of Hedi Slimane, Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Maison Martin Margiela but we also carefully studied classic makers such as Schott, Lewis Leathers, Buco and an assortment of vintage leather jacket makers to get fully engrossed in protection and functionality. 

Throughout the course of the 20th and 21st centuries, many iconic individuals have worn leather jackets. Did any of these figures inspire the jackets, and if so, can you mention a few?

The beauty is that leather goods last a lifetime (with proper care) and, with a classic design, it will remain timeless and thus it only makes sense that iconic figures have been wearing these things for years on end. Obviously, rider jackets have had a tremendous impact on our design cues and I'm sure everyone can associate Marlon Brando, James Dean and Paul Newman with the classic rider jackets but we also get inspiration from military designs such as Harrison Ford and even Tom Cruise wearing their leather flight jackets. We try not to deviate stylistically from the classics and just reinforce with some functional design changes and modern fits. 

The leather jacket, in our opinion, is a timeless style – do you foresee any shifts in their styling in the near future?

Asides from fit, I can see designs getting more progressive with louder prints, cuts and fabric selection. We tend to be a bit more conservative in regards to our offerings but feel like classic pieces will outlast anything current and trendy. 

What separates your offerings from other leather jackets on the market?

We are very personal and hands on with our jackets and thus each jacket we create is unique to that one person - we offer numerous options and want to create a more personalized process than being limited to what is available on the racks of department stores and not having to pay full retail! 

From what we have seen, Falcon Garments communicates openly and transparently with its customers and is held in high regard as a result. Do any particular conversations or reviews of your products stick out to the team?

The best feeling in the world is when our customers receive the jacket and feel that they have received a product personal and exclusive to them and they email how happy they are! What's even nicer is when they actually believe in the product and follow up with another order for themselves or a significant other. Doesn't get better than that. 

Looking ahead, where do you see Falcon Garments in the next few years?

We will continue to create and make beautiful jackets and hope that we can go beyond mere fashion trends and remain a staple in everyone's wardrobe. Continue to look out for us and check back for new offerings!  

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Images via Falcon Garments. 

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