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My name is Damian Munoz, and I am the founder of Point of References. I am fascinated by a wide variety of subjects including fashion/style, art, design, travel, and music. In particular, I am interested in exploring the symbiotic relationships of the aforementioned topics and sharing my discoveries with a global audience. 

In addition to creating content for the website, I consult and produce creative content for a number or brands.

Client work includes:

  • Ghurka - iconic American leather goods and luggage maker 
  • Tart Optical - historic American eyewear brand
  • Hypefest (Hypebeast) - The lifestyle/media brand's experiential event
  • Junior's - Menswear clothier focused on traditional American style
  • Alpha Industries - Streetwear/historic military outerwear brand
  • David Yurman - Luxury jewelry/accessory brand
  • Pewpols - Irish luxury eyewear brand
  • GI Gadgets - Tech news site
  • Mokief Made to Measure - Custom tailoring label
  • Clive Christian - Luxury perfume house

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line at damian@pointofreferences.com for project inquires or to share any comments, insights, or questions that you may have. 

-Fashion/Style Photography-

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Fashion/Style Writing.

Whether a pragmatic time-keeper or an ostentatious showpiece; the wristwatch, despite being created a little over a century ago, has surely withstood the test of time.

-YSL's Liberation of the Modern Women's Wardrobe-
Over the course of his career, Yves Saint Laurent innovated the luxury fashion system with the goal of making luxurious, glamorous clothing increasingly accessible to women of all walks of life.

Can the next big thing be hiding right before our very eyes on the street? Demna Gvasalia, the founder of cult fashion label Vetements and the creative director of Balenciaga, seems to think so.

The Burberry Makers House was a fashion and craft pop up open for one week following the presentation of Burberry's Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The event showcased the "inspiration and craft" behind the collection and featured a multitude of artists, designers, and creators.

Travel Writing.

Sometimes it’s hard to push out of your comfort zone when it comes to food. Even if you don’t consider yourself a picky eater, you may think twice before trying a fried scorpion, tarantula, or starfish.

That said, if you find yourself in China’s storied capital city and want to deviate from your typical diet, look no further than Beijing’s own Wangfujing Snack Street.

A reflection of the unexpected serenity that I experienced while visiting an area known as Hongdae located in Seoul, South Korea.

Design Writing.

Designed in 1947, Isamu Noguchi’s table is a relatively simple design that effortlessly finds balance between sculpture and design. The Noguchi table’s fascinating history, unique design, and affiliation with furniture giant Herman Miller, Inc. has resulted in the piece becoming an icon of modernity deeply embedded in 20th century design history.

The Fender Stratocaster, an electric guitar designed by Fender in 1954 is a highly innovative, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing instrument. Its design has barely changed since its inception, and it iconic looks and tone continue to define contemporary music of all genres.

Art Writing.

In addition to challenging notions of the very definition of “art,” Duchamp’s readymades illustrate his unique sense of humor. Interweaving his readymade sculptures with elements of humor, Duchamp creates lighthearted interplay between everyday objects and their new meanings and contexts.

Many of the world's foremost galleries, in addition to showcasing at the Frieze London and Frieze Masters fairs, took to showing their pieces amidst the scenic landscape of Regent's Park in Central London. Regent's Park, one of eight Royal Parks in London, offers beautiful sights and scenery and provides an excellent interactive backdrop for the sculpture park.  


In this fascinating interview, I spoke with Katsu Tanaka, the Founder and Creative Director of Kiriko Made. Kiriko offers timeless apparel and accessories handcrafted in Oregon and Japan with traditional Japanese textiles.

In this interview, I spoke with Brice Moreau, the founder of Bogarde, a Paris based company that designs and manufactures contemporary bikes for adults inspired by 80’s BMX. Bogarde is also the label behind bike collaborations with designers and retailers such as Dior and Colette.


Email: Damian@PointOfReferences.com 
Phone: 570-933-1205 

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