UNDONE’s One of a Kind Watches

We recently spoke with the team at UNDONE to discuss their innovative watch customization services and offerings.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, can you give us a brief rundown of UNDONE and its mission?

We're founded by a team of watch industry veterans who are passionate about individualism. We aim to continue to inspire everyone to express themselves with personalization that goes beyond the world of watchmaking.

 A large part of UNDONE’s model is the opportunity to customize watches as the customer desires. How did this idea originate?

Our founder Michael Young believes that luxury, which is the power to have something customized to the user's preference, has been lost over time. Most consumers now associate it with spending power with overpriced mass-produced items. We are faithfully bringing back luxury by offering quality items with the ability to have them tailor-made purely for our customers.

What type of customization options does the brand offer?

Pretty much anything our customer have in their imaginations. Customers can pick and choose from a variety of dial, cases, bezel, hands, and straps for their watch. We also have further customization by allowing text engraving on the dial and case back, or a printed image on the glass case back. If that's not enough, we even offer a Pro Custom service where we allow people to have a whole new dial redesigned just for them!

 With custom watches comes a piece that is one-of-a-kind to its wearer. How do these custom watches compliment their wearer’s unique personality/self?

We believe that freedom of expression is as important as things such as self-confidence and being able to embrace your inner-self. We want to help people realize their full potential when they're finally breaking the shackles of current boundaries and retail trends that was set by modern society.

We have noticed that many customers create watches to commemorate special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. How does it feel to have your products tied to such occasions and memories?

It's the reason that our team continues to do what we're doing. We're proud of what we're doing, and when people are using our watches to cherish such a crucial moment in their lives, we are incredibly touched to have the honor to present something so meaningful.

In addition to customizing features such as the watches face, case, hands, strap, etc. the brand offers custom engraving and printing. Are there any customization trends that the brand has noticed over time?

Even with the number of different parts and options that we offer, most people do not usually stray too far from our fixed designs. A lot of our customers opt to add personalization elements such as initials, small artwork, or a quote that inspires them.

Have there been any customization projects that have stuck out over the years?

There was one project that has touched us deep down that we'll never forget. Someone commissioned a custom dial design as a gift for his wife to celebrate her recovery from cancer in 2016. We took an extra mile to do something unique and remarkable for them. Her nickname, Queen Bee, inspired us to create a patterned dial that looks subtle in normal lighting conditions but glows like a honeycomb in the dark. It was also the first ever full lume dial we have made!

How did the wide array of customization options evolve over time?

We discovered that as we added more different options for the watch parts, people become quickly overwhelmed. So instead of expanding the number of components, we aim to develop more base models and designs to inspire our customers.

Can we expect even more options and possibilities in the near future?

We're planning to develop more refined collections of dials and fixed models thus offering a more extensive range of designs for people to customize. We also intend to expand beyond wristwatches soon!

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Images via Point of References. The featured watch is a custom piece made by UNDONE – note the signature Point of References red dot on the glass case back of the watch!

Damian M.

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