The Timeless Nature of the Watch

Whether a pragmatic time-keeper or an ostentatious showpiece, the wristwatch, despite being created a little over a century ago, has surely withstood the test of time.

Many aspects of watches fascinate me including their designs, rich histories, functions, and features. These aesthetic, historic, and functional attributes are a source of never-ending intrigue and discovery; however, the ultimate accolade of the humble wristwatch lies in its unique ability to capture and signify memory and experience. 

I wear my watch wherever I go, and it is nothing short of a faithful companion - every experience, every hardship, and every triumph is shared with my watch. 

It is as if my 40mm vintage Submariner has become a part of me. Without it, something is just not right. Maybe it is a seemingly negligible detail such as the weight of the watch. Maybe without it, I am literally lost in time…

My watch keeps me on time, reminds me of the past, and prepares me for the future. Is there any other inanimate object that can do all three while still retaining a form of beauty, elegance, precision, and practicality? One thing is for sure, it may be a paradox, but to me, the watch is a truly timeless invention.        

Image via Hodinkee

Damian M.

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