Signature Look: Dave 1

David Macklovitch, more commonly known as Dave 1, gained notoriety as half of Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo. The funky duo was formed in 2002 with fellow classmate Patrick "P-Thugg" Gemayel and, to date, has released four studio albums in addition to earning nominations and a variety of prestigious awards and honors.

Aside from his work with Chromeo, Macklovitch pursued a PhD in French Literature from Columbia University in New York and held positions as an editor at VICE Magazine and as a lecturer at Barnard College, a private liberal arts school located in New York City.

As the result of obsessive interest and diligent research and study, Dave 1 possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of fashion, art, design, music, architecture, and literature among many other topics of the like. This expert-level knowledge has earned him reverence in fashion and design circles all around the world. Macklovitch clearly understands the intertwining worlds of culture and aesthetics – this complex understanding of reference points allows his creative pursuits and collaborations to come to life.

When it comes to style, Dave’s knowledgeable taste does not stop short - armed with a keen eye for detail and a mental database of stylistic and aesthetic traditions, Dave 1’s unique style sets him apart from the crowd.

Below, we will explore some key elements of Macklovitch’s signature style:

Saint Laurent Paris Black Leather Biker Jacket 

Acne Studios Limit Tee

Saint Laurent Paris Requin Collar Shirt

Saint Laurent Paris Light Blue Vintage Denim Low Waisted Skinny Jeans

Saint Laurent Paris Brown Suede Santiag Boots

Images via Complex, Saint Laurent Paris, Acne Studios 

Damian M.

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