Interview: Barry from UNDONE Watches

We recently spoke with Barry, the VP of Marketing at UNDONE, to discuss the custom watch brand’s history, design inspiration, and customization services.

What inspired the creation of UNDONE?

It is our passion and expertise for watches. Michael Young, the founder of UNDONE, is also the owner of Classic Watch Repair. Besides serving the biggest watch collectors in this planet, Mike was also the man behind the biggest “custom Rolex brands” that you can name, supplying them with coating technology, parts, and packaging. Instead of being some unknown supplier to these so called “custom brands,” he wants to do it himself. His nickname is “The Bracelet Magician” if you Google him.

Many of UNDONE's products capture the spirit of iconic watches, but do not overtly copy their design. How does the brand approach this design process? 

We like to study iconic timepieces, but instead of looking at copying the watch, we ask ourselves: Why is it iconic? What makes it recognizable?

We then study each individual design element in order to make our decision on how to fuse in new ideas with an old design concept.

In addition to watches that allude to the past, UNDONE creates a series of modern watches. How does the company approach this design process? 

While we call them “Modern,” we have a different customer profile in our minds when developing different collections. The “Modern” dial is our play with specific pantone colors that fit the market trend.

Colors are key because our target audience for the “Modern” is much more fashion conscious. We need to select the best colors for their mixing and matching needs on clothes daily.

What was the first product that UNDONE made? Is this product still offered today and has it evolved since?

The UNDONE AQUA. Yes, we now offer more dial options - i.e. the most popular “AQUA 1960” dial and we have also offer options where users can choose “no cyclops.” (A cyclops is an extra piece of sapphire crystal affixed to the crystal above a watch’s date window that magnifies that date to allow for easier readability.)

We have also added more strap options and case coating options, i.e. our Cerakote range in different colors. The core will never change for the AQUA. It is our flagship diver’s watch where we can offer the most exciting customization/personalization while still having decent performance specs.  

Looking ahead, where does Undone see itself in the next few years?  

UNDONE is constantly changing because of our business philosophy. We are now looking at more collaborations with sneaker brands and other lifestyle labels. We will also be going into leather accessories and watch straps.

Ultimately, we want to become a platform that features different artists/celebrities or brands, who can customize their unique product and sell to their own audience, either as a fixed design or a customizable experience.

Check out UNDONE Watches: 

Barry’s Instagram: @bearwrist 

Photos via Point of References. This interview was edited for clarity.

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