Travel Essentials

When traveling, it is imperative to free oneself from possessions that weigh them down or add unnecessary and unrefined clunky-ness to their person. 

Through real-life "research and development," I have determined my few essential items that I carry on my person day in and day out (excluding a passport, for days when international travel is not underway). 

Items used with constancy day in and day out need to be of utmost quality due to the frequency of their use. When purchasing essential items similar to those pictured, one should always consider the frequency of use and buy of highest level of quality within their means. 

Products of higher quality have the unique ability to withstand the daily stresses and wear subjected upon them. As a result of their elevated quality, these items have the ability to acquire character over time adding to their appearance and individual value to their owner. 

Essentially, over time, these items become like companions that one does not necessarily feel complete without. That is my idea of a true essential item. 

Damian M.

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